“Exhausting Dance. Performance and the Politics of Movement” examines the work of fundamental contemporary choreographers who have transformed the dance scene since the early 1990s in Europe and the United States. Through a lively and explicit dialogue with performance art, the visual arts and critical theory over the past thirty years, this new generation of choreographers challenges our understanding of dance by means of exhausting the concept of movement. The works should be understood as performances of implicit radical politics in performance art, post-structuralist theory and critical radical studies.

In this heterogeneous and exceptional study, André Lepecki analyses the works of the choreographers: Jérôme Bel, Juan Domínguez, Trisha Brown, La Ribot, Xavier Le Roy, Vera Mantero and the visual and performance artists: Bruce Nauman and William Pope.L.

This book provides a significant and radical review of our ideas on dance and considers the need for a renewed compromise between dance studies and artistic and experimental philosophical practices.

André Lepecki is an associate professor of the Department of Performance Studies at the University of New York, an essayist and dramatist. He edited the book “Of the Presence of the Body” (2004) and co-edited the “The Senses in Performance“ (Routledge, 2006), together with Sally Banes.

Agotar la Danza

Performance y política del movimiento
André Lepecki
Colección Cuerpo de Letra (1): Danza y Pensamiento
248pp./ 14.5 x 21 cm./

9788481388206  Castellano