Considered one of the great artist 20th century, Joan Miró has bequeathed us a definitive body of work whose influence has continued to grow over the years.
Miró did not paint dreams but instead, through his works, provided the spectator with certain elements so that so that he would be the one that dreamed. He never worked under the influence of hypnosis, drugs or alcohol. Nevertheless, his artistic personality and the way he represented on canvas what inspiration dictated to him led André Breton to exclaim: Miró is the most surrealist of us all.
A creative force in the plastic field who felt an equal passion for the word, for the most daring poetic plays, a lover of objetcs and the bare truth of materials, Miró always revealed himself as an oneiric artist, a seeker after the constellations that inspired some of his finest workd.
Jacques Dupin the main authority in ´Miró work details all of those items in his amazing essay: The birth of signs.

Joan Miró

Jacques Dupin
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