About Ediciones Polígrafa

Founded in the mid-sixties by Manuel de Muga (one of the most demanding printers of the last century), Ediciones Polígrafa has always counted on the impetus and complicity of the main artists and intellectuals in its surroundings (Joan Miró, Joan Prats, Palau i Fabre,…), becoming the benchmark publishing house in modern and contemporary art within the Hispanic arena, with monographs dedicated to the most outstanding internationally renowned artists (Picasso, Ernst, Miró, Duchamp, Rauschenberg…).

Over the past years, the ever-intense relationship with the artists has been extended to the new generations (Jeff Wall, Vito Acconci, Gary Hill…) and the programme has taken on a new momentum with the incorporation of architecture and the creation of new designs (By Architects, Colección 20_21, Esenciales Polígrafa…).

In addition to the stringency regarding content and the high quality of the productions, over the past decade, more attention has been dedicated to design and the global distribution of the titles, both in English and in Spanish.