At the end of the nineties, Fernado Bryce (Lima 1965) gave up painting and devoted himself entirely to drawing. He produced a work based on what he calls the mimetic method of analysis, i.e., an ink copy of a series of photographs, newspaper cuttings, advertisements, promotional publicity or popular propaganda, among other documents, taken from archives ans libraries. At first his intention was to do an exercise on the history of power and the images of his own country, Perú, but his documentary archaeological research soon extended to decisive moments and historical figures of the 20th century, with a twofold purpose: to rescue documents and images deliberately forgotten by official history from the past and to anchor in the present events destined to be rapidly gorgotten by the media structure of the people in power. He reclaims a new image by mechanically copying documents, statistical maps, bureaucratic reports and pamphlets, and at the same time makes the image a new kind of writing, a graphology that discloses a network of relations of a specific historical case. this book collect, in a facssimile way, the Américas series included South of the Border. now at the MOMA collection in a numbered edition of five hundred copies.



Fernando Bryce
Limited edition: 500 copies
128pp./ 21x30cm./ 118il./ Paperback / Facssimile edition

9788434312005 English


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Bibliophile Edition: 125 copies. All the copies measure 25 x 18 cm. and contain 44 pages in Catalan. Certificate of authenticity signed by the artists. Albert Ràfols-Casamada has grown over the years. His tremendous sensitivity, his rigor and his reduction of the pictorial to the truly essential have made him an artist who has established his own line and who has wielded particular influence over the generations that have followed him. His work as a poet is not unrelated to the character of his painting, and soon earned him recognition as one of the leading figures in the Catalan lyric. this book contains a triple suite of visual poems- 20 in total- that encompass his explorations and experimentation in poetry and the plastic arts, which are merged in images of penetrating beaty.


Estrats, 1985

Albert Ràfols-Casamada

44pp./ 25x18cm./ 2il./ Clothbound

9788434304511 Castellano


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Last copies in clouthbound

This book is a veritable bibliographical landmark, due in equal measure to its intrinsic value and its special significance. Antoni Tàpies produced the suite of drawings between 1950-1951, the culminating moment of his oneiric period, when the hallmark of Surrealism and the consolidation of his own personality were crystallizing in works that reached extraordinary heights. Joan Brossa s prose poems, written at the same time as Tàpies was working on his drawings, comprise a parallel vision of the world expressed in literature, and contain a profound lyricism and originality that in themselves justify the prominent position that this poet holds in Catalan literature.


U no es ningú

Antoni Tàpies, Joan Brossa
500 copies. Limited edition, numbered and signed by the artist and poet.
104pp./ 34x24.5cm./ 48il./ Clothbound

9788434312265 Català


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