During the last six years, the photographer Joan Fontcuberta (Barcelona, 1955) has visited libraries and archives throughout Europe and North America and gathered together images of censured text from different epochs and authors –Desiderius Erasmus, Fernando de Rojas, Francisco de Quevedo, among others.

Based on this series of images, Joan Fontcuberta presents “Deletrix”, an artistic project (an exhibition and an artist book) on censorship with the direct involvement of PEN Catalán.

“Deletrix” includes a series of images by the photographer together with texts in which writers of international renown reflect on censorship. This project, driven by PEN Catalán aspires to become a literary and artistic benchmark volume on censorship.


Contributions by Carme Arenas, Manuel Guerrero Brullet, Chenjerai Hove, Herta Müller (Nobel Prize in Literature, 2009), Emmanuel Pierrat, John Ralston Saul y Salman Rushdie.


Joan Fontcuberta was awarded the Hasselblad Prize (2013), considered as the Nobel in photography, in recognition of his entire career. His work has previously been discerned by other awards, such as the National Photography Award (1998) and the National Essay Award (2011).

Joan Fontcuberta: Deletrix

Joan Fontcuberta
català/english. Edited by Manuel Guerrero Brullet
96pp./ 44il./ 28 x 23 cm./ Fabric cover with image affixed

9788434313255  bilingual