Jordi Benito (1951-2008) is known as an artist or his actions, installations and performances of an unmatched radicalism and wildness that he developed, especially in the 1970s and 1980s.

Yet in the catalogue of this exhibition, a more hidden and secret (or at least unknown) side is revealed that he developed alongside his other activities. This is his side as a designer, interior designer and creator of furniture that he made in collaboration with craftsmen from Vallès and in keeping with a family tradition, as his father was a cabinet maker.

Many of these works (bars, venue and other public places) have vanished due to the all-too-common practice of replacing something of value before the patina of time allows dust to accumulate. And yet pieces and traces do remain, especially in many private homes, like footprints in the sand, but made of wood, of granite and of steel, which this exhibition aims to display just like an archaeological find.

Jordi Benito

Interiorisme i Accionisme
V. Altaió, J. Pibernat, Beth Galí, M. Permanyer
castellano/english/català In collaboration with Arts Santa Monica. Exhibition from 19/3 to 27/4 2013
96pp./ 118il./ 23.5 x 16.5 cm./ Paperback with flaps

9788434313170  trilingual