The second book in the “Body Text” Collection compiles seven essays revolving around the view, from the composition and the views of the spectator today, essays that analyse how both views construct diverse architectures of the ephemeral.

Constructing or viewing a choreographic work is a continuous attempt at creating spaces in time and shared moments. It is at this intermediate place between the view of the artist and that of the spectator, where other perspectives are opened to the eye, to thought and the experience, where the representation is transformed into an active relation between the presence, thought and action, where both the view of the artist and that of the spectator assume a collaborative relationship as authors and composers and open possibilities of other affections, other politics and other architectures of relation, where everything in existence is not exhausted in what is visible.

Ana Buitrago (Eastbourne, 1967) is an independent choreographer and dancer. She holds degrees in English Philology from the UCM and in Dance Performance from the SNDO (Theaterschool, Amsterdam). Since 1992, she creates her own choreographies and performances both alone and with other artists, while at the same time carrying out extensive teaching and research labours. From 1995 to 2001, she was a member of the group of choreographers UVI-La inesperada and co-director of Estudio 3 (Madrid). From 2004 to 2007, she was joint artistic manager of La Porta (independent dance, Barcelona), a structure with which she continues to collaborate occasionally.

Arquitecturas de la mirada

Ana Buitrago (ed.)
Colección Cuerpo de Letra (2): Danza y Pensamiento
212pp./ 14.5 x 21 cm./

9788481388350  Castellano