With a long teaching career at the University of Salamanca, Spanish artist Fernando Sinaga (Zaragoza, 1951) is, at once, one of the sculptors with more solid career in the field of European creation in recent decades.

Facing the "serialization" and asepsis of minimal movement, his work takes a position that could be described as naturalistic in the sense that by suitable supports minimum and counterpoints about complex processes trigger irreversible perceptive concatenation. Nothing is left to chance, but infinitesimal interdepen-dence typical of natural processes. Thus, in the work of Sinaga, interactive openness to the audience is combined with naturalistic tone triggers small variations, to form a clear interior landscaping, in partnership with the architecture, which often colour not only activates composition, but the open planes defined from the set of correspondences between the spaces and forms.

This book, entitled Ideas K, contains the symbolic imagery, geometric, optical, material and colour that underlies the work of artist since The German Breakfast (1984) to his most recent work. Ideas K pursues ideas to highlight both the specificity and experimental in the  work of Sinaga through the strong management of connections and links in their work over the last three decades.

Fernando Sinaga. Ideas K

Ideas K
Gloria Moure
96pp./ 154il./ 17 x 24 cm./ Hardback

9788434312234  bilingual