Wang Huaiqing

Derrick Cartwright, Michael Sullivan
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Light, words, and the ephemeral—that shifting condition of random—are concepts present in some form in the entire oeuvre of Chema Alvargonzalez (1960-2009), an artist who divided the two decades of his career between Barcelona and Berlin. Whereas Bruce Nauman and Dan Flavin are Alvargonzalez’s direct sources in the way he configures the space through experimentation with lighting, Mallarmé serves as the basis of his linguistic approach to the practice of art.

Alvargonzalez often accords words the status of objects which—rather than locking in a meaning—enables him to achieve a semantic openness that only the great poets are capable of. In his vanitas pieces, another recurring theme, Alvargonzalez invites us to reflect on death; in his reference to Goethe’s last words (Licht, mehr Licht!) he draws our attention to the close relationship that he forges between nature and poetry.


Chema AlvarGonzalez

Mehr Licht (Más Luz)
Ariadna Mas, Rebecca Horn, Franco Marinotti
Preface by Vicenç Altaió català/castellano/english
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ART Situacions offers an appealing prospective map of the very up-to-date artistic creativity. ART Situacions is a new private initiative that aims to support emerging contemporary art in the Iberian Peninsula and to reach the general public. The project is directed by Pilar Forcada and assessed by a committee formed by Teresa Blanch, María de Corral, Yolanda Romero and Vicente Todolí, who are prominent experts in education, curatorship, museology and management of art centres.

Arts Santa Mònica holds the first edition of ART Situacions. A prospective look. Following a joint working process, the exhibition displays a selection of ten notorious artists of the youngest generations in Spain and Portugal: Mauro Cerqueira, Pepe Cifuentes in collaboration with flo6x8, Patricia Dauder, Carla Filipe, Nuria Fuster, Santiago Giralda, Jaime de la Jara, Miki Leal, Juan López and Francesc Ruiz.


Art Situacions

A prospective look

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