The publication of Dalí in 1975 was without doubt a landmark in the extensive bibliography on Salvador Dalí. There were two factors that aided Luis Romero in his endeavour: firstly, the active support of the artist himself, who helped in selecting the materials and who produced the series of calligraphic texts that preceded each of the sections in the book; and secondly, his decades of long talks and conversations with Dalí. This revised edition has a new design, an updated index of works by Dalí, digitalised and colour-corrected images made from new transparencies, and a biography and bibliography on the artist. The entire text by Luis Romero and the sequence of images that he and Dalí established have been respected.

Salvador Dalí

Luis Romero
352pp./ 431il./ 28.8 x 24.4 cm./ Clothbound

9788434310315  English
9788434310322  Català