We now discover another Picasso, very different from the ones we have met in the two previous volumes Picasso, The Early Years, 1881-1907 and Picasso Cubism, 1907-1917. During the period between 1917 and 1926 the artist puts on his dress suit, lives in the elegant part of Paris, socialises with high society and returns to Classicism. However, beneath the surface of this formal Picasso, the permanently restless and tempestuous Picasso lives on: Cubism continues to develop with new accent and Surrealism bursts upon the scene before being announced officially, although one Picasso cannot be separated from the other. Through his commentaries, Josep Palau i Fabre invites us to enter the fascinating world of Picassian diversity. Indeed we discover a Picasso who behind the mask of Classicism conceals a hitherto unknown complexity.

Picasso, de los ballets al drama 1917-1926

Josep Palau i Fabre
528pp./ 1800il./ 31.5 x 30.5 cm./ Clothbound

9788434309074  Castellano
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