Located in Athens’s historic area of Makryianni,the New Acropolis Museum stands less than 1,000 feet southeast of the Parthenon,at the entrance of a network of pedestrian walkways that link the key archaeological sites and monuments of the Acropolis.This location was carefully selected to enable a dialogue between the Museum's exhibition spaces and the Acropolis buildings. Tschumi won the commission in 2001 as the result of a design competition.
“The design was chosen for its simple,clear,and beautiful solution that is in accord with the beauty and classical simplicity of the Museum's unique exhibits and that ensures a museological and architectural experience that is relevant today and for the foreseeable future,”stated Professor Dimitrios Pandermalis, President of the Organization for the Construction of the New Acropolis Museum and author of presentation of this volume.

New Acropolis Museum

Bernard Tschumi Architects
96pp./ 64il./ 21 x 14 cm./ Paperback with flaps

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