Francis Bacon's works has a strength and vitality that has led to his position as one of the greatest twentieth century artist. The violent intensity with which his paintings give expression to the existential angst of his felow human beings is virtually without parallel in the history of the art. Bacon s work (1909-1992) undoubtedly includes some of the most extraordinary and powerful paintings in modern art, reflecting the isolation and terror of the human condition, conveyed by the distortion of features and the nude body. This volume that join the centenary of the artist and the upcoming exhibitions at the Tate Britain, London; The Prado Museum, Madrid; and The Metropolitan Museum, New York comprises his series of portraits and selfportraits, the weirdly beautiful yet terrifying variations of Velázquez s Pope Innocent X, the painfully moving Crucifixion, the enigmatic figure studies and twelve gatefolds of the powerful triptychs. The 240 paintings were selected by the artists himself and he was closely involved with every aspect of their reproduction of this monograph.

Francis Bacon

Michel Leiris
236pp./ 240il./ 28 x 22 cm./ Hardcover

9788434311893  Castellano
9788434311909  English