Cristina Iglesias (1956, San Sebastián) belongs to a generation of artists who  have transformed the concept of sculpture since the 1980s. Her work links the  tradition of sculpture as an autonomous object and the aim of fragmenting and  enlivening architecture,environments and suspended elements. Cristina Iglesias  while providing the sensation of experiencing spaces as yet another element of  her works.In her poetics this Spanish artist combines her contemporaneity—  supported by her interest  in the limits of traditional techniques developed by Arte Povera—with her  profound roots in the baroque tradition and its compositional instability, shifting  displacement and diverse atmospheres. The artist challenges the idea of  representation by means of an aesthetic vocabulary based on the use of varied  materials (concrete, alabaster, resin, iron, glass, sometimes combined with plant  motifs such as bamboo and dead leaves) and techniques (bas-relief, tapestry and  large-format silkscreen on silk and copper) in which the boundary between  illusion and reality disappears.
For this occasion, we have selected a body of works that exemplify the special  use of space and architectural structures that the artist uses to compose her  stimulating environments and suspended elements.

Critina Iglesias

Gloria Moure
Bilingual edition Italian-English
220pp./ 114il./ 28 x 24 cm./ Paperback with flaps

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