Caruso St John are convinced that today s architects should be able to choose from the endless array of cultural possibilities. So is this book. Its aim is not merely to document the buildings and projects that Caruso St John have undertaken in Britain and Continental Europe since the early 1990s. Rather, philosophy, Caruso St. John are sceptical that abstraction and simplification are sufficient to make an architecture. This book is based on the idea that one single theory, one narrative alone cannot grasp the complexity of contemporary architecture .Their projects always try to attend to the people who will use them and this book is intended to be a tool to see the built environment more clearly. It looks carefully at the details of everyday life; it deals with the fragility of built spaces and their transformation under the pressure of economic change; and it raises questions about our place in history.

Caruso St John

Philip Ursprung
392pp./ 230il./ 23 x 17 cm./ Hardcover with jacket

9788434311695  Castellano
9788434311701  English