As younger members of CIAM and as founding members of Team 10, Alison and Peter Smithson were at the heart of the debate on the future course of Modern Architecture, and by their polemics and designs laid the foundations for the New Brutalilism and the 1960 S Pop Art Movement. This book examines the evolution of their approach to the everyday ''art of inhabitation'', It does so by extensively documenting most of their designs for individual dwellings , especially their optimistic House of the Future of 1956 and the series of renovations of and additions to the fairy tale like ''Hexenhaus'' in Germany from the late 1980 s onward.

Alison y Peter Smithson. De la 'casa del futuro' a la casa de hoy

Dirk Van der Heuvel, Max Risselada
320pp./ 300il./ 23 x 17 cm./ Hardcover with jacket

9788434311688  Castellano