''My first sketch book is dated in the years while I was studying in the Bradford School of Art. [...] After that, I had a box manufactured by Asprey, where I stored paper and colour pencils.They were unbound papers and, of course, there were drawings among them. [...] In August, 1982, I was in Martha’s Vineyard island and I used them as well.The sketch book I’m presenting now is chronologically situated between the Polaroid photos and the photo collages that I began in September, 1982.When I started up with the photo collages, I left my drawing and, when I left my photo collages, I went back to drawing again''. The text contained in this book—brewed from long conversations with Nikos Stangos—mainly shows David Hockney ideas on the function and significance of this sketch book as container and accommodation of the painting essence.

Martha's Vineyard Island and other places

David Hockney
Limited edition: 400 copies
32pp./ 150il./ 32 x 23 cm./ Booklet / Sketch book

9788434304505  Castellano